20 December 2017

Building your business case for Creative Melbourne

Why participate in Creative Melbourne?

Because it will very quickly generate more value than the investment!

The insights and experiences you gain from Creative Melbourne will strengthen your capabilities, confidence and networks. The return you realise on your investment will include faster and more effective problem resolution. Participating in this unique event will enable you to:

  • Increase your productivity and ability to quickly address problems 
  • Improve your leadership capabilities to act more effectively in uncertainty
  • Apply deeper understanding of complex emergent challenges and how to effectively respond effectively
  • Apply agile approaches, from creating ideas to designing solutions to co-creating
  • Lead teams in uncertainty and define more effective paths forward
  • Prioritise more effectively to convert best ideas into value-adding projects
  • Make conscious switches in mindset and behaviour to create more options

These learning outcomes cannot be achieved through traditional training or conferences, because they require application of the skills to real challenges in context. The highly interactive nature of this event provides these experiences in an inclusive environment, drawing on diverse perspectives. This will also support the development of beneficial long-term relationships.

Who will you build relationships with?

Creative Melbourne has the most amazing line up of any event, anywhere! All facilitators are present for the entire event, so you get to interact with senior leaders from seven countries representing NASA, Cirque du Soleil, Spotify, Russian SOMAR Network, Catholic University Lille and the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation SE Asia. Participants are from USA, Canada, Australia, France, Russia and across Asia. The program also provides time for interaction between sessions. Collectively we have entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, engineers, teachers, psychologists, health professionals, academics, practitioners, dancers, finance professionals, project managers, learning facilitators and more…

Experience and replicate the secret sauce of success!

The magic of Creative Melbourne is the very deliberate diversity of disciplines and cultures that stimulates a connection and flow between people and concepts. New ideas are stimulated by creative friction – not just sharing, but comparing, disagreeing and improving. This is a special environment that does not happen by accident; this event is designed to nurture the beneficial relationships and interactions. Building on the environment of trusted partnerships produced last year, one of this year’s highlights will be to experience this unique connection and flow that builds the confidence and knowledge to repeat your learnings in your own organisations. Once learned, you get better at it through ongoing practice, accelerating performance across your own organisation and beyond as your international network flourishes.

Tangible ROI? Of course!

We know that people who’ve participated previously have significantly increased their productivity. Let’s assume a very conservative 5% productivity increase on an average manager’s salary of around $100K, which gives $5,000 of additional value per year. This is 2.5 times the cost of the event, or approximately a four- to five-month payback. What’s more, this assumes participants only improve their OWN productivity a little, which we know is a gross underestimation of the impacts of the capability development as they share the concepts with their team members. Compare this to what some pay for a team dinner or function, and you can see you are way ahead. Invest in your team’s capability development for ongoing value generation!


The producer is a multi-award winning, international educator, author and leader in behavioural development. The delivery team have collaborated for several years, and the participants are hand-picked from the best the world has to offer!

The 2017 speakers themselves wanted to return for Creative Melbourne 2018.

The event is hosted at the RMIT University, Graduate School of Business and Law.

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