Organizational Zoo Ambassador

Tom Blair

Program Manager; Metricon

Organizational Zoo Ambassador

Flow comments 
The Most Creative Breakfast is a fun group activity in which Projects Architects and Learning Designers Tom and Suz facilitate “Serious Play” with food rather than the usual Lego.

Tom Blair has utilized the Zoo for over 180 participants and draws upon a wealth of knowledge and experience in business and as an educator. Tom has been the director, CEO and President of many companies in the building, construction, engineering and design industries for over 35 years. For the past 5 years Tom has been a senior educator with RMIT University designing and delivering programs to industry.

With an international background as both an American and Australian he has worked within the US, Australia, China, Korea, and the UAE on projects with Disney, Northrop Grumman, The Salvation Army, Viacom and Paramount Studios to name a few. Leading successful teams on a wide variety of project types, working with a range of clients from private to governments, his background offers some dimensions that are beneficial to any organization.

Tom is also an architect, builder and project manager with qualifications in all areas. He is currently a PhD candidate focusing on client expectations.