CEO Creactos

Arun Murthy Battula

Arun Murthy Battula
CEO, Creactos

Flow comments 
Creative Anticipation 1 with Arun is the first in a three-part series of activities involving creating a memory of Creative Melbourne in ceramic art. Each day we will take the artistic artefact to the next stage of development, aligning with the stages of the event flow, starting with Dreaming of what this could be.

Sense Maker and Go Getter bringing over 20 years of experience in managing large scale transformations, embedding new cultures, building new businesses and creating social change. Converts strategic plans into tactical reality through guiding companies in establishing themselves as viable business. Devises and implements new programs and initiates successful processes to produce new product and services with maximum revenue, reach and impact. 

  • Diversified background in creating scaled capabilities distinguished for creative problem solving and bottom-line orientation.
  • Offers innovative solutions to operational challenges and leverages decisiveness to implement solutions while minimizing risk and maximizing performance. 
  • Expert in transforming strategic plans into tactical initiatives for national and international programs. 
  • Motivator and coach combining business acumen with analytical depth to align operational efficiency with corporate goals.



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