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Juan Roman

Dr. Juan Román Deputy Director Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate NASA; Goddard Space Flight Centre Flow comments  Lean forward to co-create safe uncertainty with Juan opens our minds to be confident in uncertainty so that we fully explore alternative options before deciding on known answers. Dr. Juan Román works at the National Aeronautics and Space

Jean-Charles Cailliez

Pr. Jean-Charles Cailliez, HDR, MBA Vice-President Innovation  Director of Laboratory of Pedagogical Innovation Lille Catholic University (France) Flow comments  Flipped Conversations co-create options facilitated by Jean Charles leverages the ideas from Visualisation, Flipped Classroom and “rotating whiteboard” activities to ferment the ideas coming from the previous session to develop the best ideas going into the

Craig Brown

Founder & CEO Everest Engineering Everest Engineering, a new project and start up enterprise interested in delivering outcomes, improving systems and building communities. He has a strong background in Agile project management in a range of industries, developed and delivered in an environment of continuous learning, development and collaboration.   Back to Facilitators Page

Arun Murthy Battula

Arun Murthy Battula CEO, Creactos Flow comments  Creative Anticipation 1 with Arun is the first in a three-part series of activities involving creating a memory of Creative Melbourne in ceramic art. Each day we will take the artistic artefact to the next stage of development, aligning with the stages of the event flow, starting with Dreaming

Dr. Arthur Shelley

Founder and Managing Director Intelligent Answers and The Organizational Zoo @metaphorage Flow comments  Welcome back with Arthur will summarise what has ben going on since the last Creative Melbourne and set the scene for how the event will flow and why. This includes, the projects completed and what we have learned on this journey.

Vadim Shiryaev

Flow comments  How Creativity impacts business performance is a game facilitated by Vadim and Olga that helps teams get into the mindset of taking ideas and forming them into possibilities and priorities. Vadim is an International business expert in development strategies, knowledge management and innovation. He is a partner and representative of Knowledge Associates (Cambridge)

Tom Blair

Program Manager; Metricon Organizational Zoo Ambassador @architomzoo Flow comments  The Most Creative Breakfast is a fun group activity in which Projects Architects and Learning Designers Tom and Suz facilitate “Serious Play” with food rather than the usual Lego. Tom Blair has utilized the Zoo for over 180 participants and draws upon a wealth of

Stuart French

Recovering IT Manager who now helps companies understand the real issues blocking productivity and growth in their workforce, workplace practices and supporting business systems. Also known as a Knowledge Manager. Stuart is the Program Manager, Knowledge; Country Fire Authority. Stuart helps organisations understand how their knowledge assets can be managed for reduced risk and greater

Sharon Hayward

Flow comments  Conversation about Co-creating the contact centre of the future has Ben and Sharon sharing their insights on a transformational change about how Bupa created new knowledge to support customer service. Knowledge Solutions Manager, Customer Service, Bupa Australia and New Zealand Sharon is leading a multi-year Knowledge transformation program that targets a significant uplift

Mark Boyes

Lecturer; Founder RMIT University, Knowledge Ink @markrossboyes Mark has quite a diverse background, he has worked as a Freelance Photographer, Illustrator, Business Intelligence Specialist, Restaurateur and in the surveillance industry. Mark’s interest in technology innovation grew during his tenure in surveillance. He designed and developed a number of world first systems to aid surveillance