There are two journeys in Creative Melbourne. The first is what participants’ experience through the three days of “the event” and their continued relationships beyond. The other is the higher-level multi-year journey of the evolution of Cre8Melb itself.

Creative Melbourne is both an event and an evolving community of people that are passionate about bringing creativity back into business decision making. As the pace of change and uncertainty has increased in the world, business culture has become more risk averse and short term focused. In doing so, they have sacrificed creativity, and this reduces innovation and growth. That is, our operational norm has shifted to become predictable safe rather than unpredictably vibrant. A creative open collaborative culture is the optimal way to deal with VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Change and Ambiguity). Change and diversity are stimulants of innovation and performance when led and managed in creative ways. Deliberate “Creative Friction” (constructive disagreement around differences of perspective) enables productivity from shared insights and generates passionate participation.

Creative Melbourne is a necessary rebellion against the growth of over-conservative business arrogance of hierarchy and control. A dominance of control is not the best way to sustained success, especially in an era of high change! Rigid control is limited by the range of perspectives it leverages and its inflexibility. This is why more inclusive approaches such as Human Centred Design, Design Thinking and Agile have become more popular in high performing organisations.We embed these approaches into what we do throughout Creative Melbourne to create a potentially life changing experience for the participants. Once you see the power of our Applied Social Learning Ecosystem, you can’t “unsee”. The compelling experience of mixing with a diversity of people who have been selected to facilitate because of WHO they are rather than WHAT they are, will change the way you see the world.

Creative Melbourne is itself an example of a Co-created Project Worth DOING. A group of friends engaged in a series of conversations about how the event industry is an EGOsystem peddling fame rather than helping people to help themselves. No doubt, there are MANY people worth listening to. The success of TED and its offshoots are examples of that. However inspired we may be listening to these “famous people”, very little changes in the world as a result. Attendees and audiences go away “wishing” they could be like these amazing people, but do not truly believe this is possible…
Creative Melbourne is not about the “sage on the stage”, it is about EVERYONE in the room. #Cre8Melb is an inclusive international community who want to assist each other to accelerate performance all participants. We provide the reality of real projects to EXPERIENCE and learn the techniques and approaches, rather than just listen and admire. This builds competence and confidence to do this in your own contexts. The whole event is a flow from the creation of ideas through to the realisation of a plan to implement the techniques for real stakeholders in real time. This increases the importance of your ideas and thoughts and why you need to be there to understand!