24 November 2017

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Vadim Shiryaev

Vadim Shiryaev
SOMAR Network
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vadim.chiriaev


Vadim is an International business expert in development strategies, knowledge management and innovation. He is a partner and representative of Knowledge Associates (Cambridge) and Knowledge Management Global Network (Singapore) in Russia. His specialization is in Strategies – Positioning – and Co-creation.
After studying in Great Britain, USA and Japan, Vadim has built an impressive 25 year career in business; starting in sales and growing to knowledge management and innovation. In addition to adding to his portfolio, decisions for leading Russian and World Business Organisations, Vadim has created his own technology for making innovation and costumers involvement – H.E.A.R.T-management; developed a technology for insight management and managing decision-making process in the group – Flash Point. This technology is now popular around the world. He has also founded the Jack Trout’s School of Positioning in Russia which over 100 companies have developed and tested their decisions within this school. He also became the ideologue and co-founder of the business environment (software) for the development of strategic decisions Business tBox.
His profile in Russia is that of a unique expert for technology to create innovative projects and unique selling proposals on the basis of the positioning and the key knowledge assets.
In addition, Vadim has visited more than 50 countries and 200 cities in the world and has participated with report in key world conferences and round tables on Knowledge Management: KM Asia (Singapore), KM UK (London), Knowledge Summit (Mumbai), ICKE (Cape Town), KM ME (Dubai), Knowledge Associates (Cambridge). He was regularly recognized as the best expert in Russian and international conferences.
He has received over 50 Russian and international awards and recognitions since 1998.