24 November 2017

Innovating Cosmos

Neville Christie

Neville Christie
Venture Bank, New Enterprise Services


Neville Christie, the Co-Initiator of Innovating Cosmos – the global community of innovators – knows that seven internal psychological filters play the most important part in what world-changing ideas and projects we create and run with.   Neville helps us know and apply these filters to the ideas we create at Creative Melbourne.

Since the age of 12, Neville Christie has re-invented himself every 3 years or so – but always along the entrepreneuring and innovating super-highway – either for social impact or profit, or both,

Over these last 64 active years, Neville has:

  • created 44 small to medium-sized businesses of his own
  • mentored many hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs
  • chaired entrepreneurial groups involving the start-up and growth of 2,000+ other businesses
  • chaired strategic innovation boards
  • been a venture capitalist and venture manager
  • initiated and grown a venture bank, and
  • chaired, or been a director of 200+ companies both in Australia and overseas.

Now aged 76, and still super active, Neville feels he is just hitting his straps.  In late 2017, he initiated Innovating Cosmos as a global community of collaborating innovators – committed to changing the world:    “… one idea, one person, one problem, one opportunity, one project, one technology, one innovation, one organisation, one institution, one nation at a time.”