28 September 2015

Creative Melbourne 2017

Creative Melbourne 2017 brought together speakers and delegates from all over the world.

What formed was a collaborative cohesive group; sharing ideas on innovation, leadership, strategy, and knowledge management.

Creative techniques were explored by world renowned organisations, experts and those passionate about moving forward.

Creative Melbourne 2017 was the beginning of a group that continues, and will collaborate again in 2018.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so that you can break them like an Artist”

Cirque Du Soleil brought us enchanting stories of engagement, describing their creative techniques to earn incredible trust an engagement with their artists and employees.


While NASA helped us explore the unknown


The packed three days was filled with engaging speakers and thrilling topics.

The thing that set Creative Melbourne apart was the interaction, and idea generation.

Here Daryl Goh  (NPE Art Residency, Singapore) whose artwork was also featured in White Night – Melbourne 2016 works with Karuna Ramanathan who thrilled with stories from the Singapore Armed Forces. Building the idea of Art vs Business.

Here; Dr Juan Roman, Deputy Director at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre (USA), works with Laddawan Ooy from Creative Mornings Bangkok (Thailand), and Brad Adriaanse, Generation Knowledge Consulting (Australia).

What our delegates really left with, was not only knowledge, fresh ideas and ideas to take back to their workplace, but an on going group of experts they could turn to.

Creative Melbourne is a Community.

Creative Melbourne brings diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experience together to explore creative techniques for a unique collaborative result.

And we do it, in strange and wonderful ways.

But don’t take our word for it.

(We look like this after all)

Check out our program and our full line up of speakers for 2017:

Creative Melbourne Brochure 2017 (small)

Cirque du Soleil (Canada)
Institute for Knowledge and Innovation SE Asia (Thailand)
Intelligent Answers (Australia)
Information and Knowledge Management Society (Singapore)
Universite Catholique de Lille (France)
Knowledge Ink (Australia)
NPE Art Residency Studio (Singapore)
Creativity and Co-Creation Network (Russia)
98ft (Education and Innovation Leadership, Asia)
Seven Sigma (Australia)
Singapore Leadership College (Singapore)
OZAN Network (International)


Join us in 2018!