22 June 2015

About Us

Creative Melbourne

 is not just an Event… a Conference.

Neither is it a seminar, a think-tank, a summit, a masterclass, or a series of workshops.

Creative Melbourne is a collaborative group: A Community created through the process of Co-Creation.

Creative Melbourne, our Event in which we explore creative techniques to leverage leadership, strategy, knowledge management across disciplines – is the tip of the iceberg.

By using a group of participants from Creative Melbourne 2017, from all over the world, we are creating an experience (and our next event) together.

Meet our Co-Creative Partners for Creative Melbourne 2018 – the people that will bring Creative Melbourne 2018 together….

Dr Arthur Shelley

Founder and Producer, Creative Melbourne

Director, Intelligent Answers

Arthur is collaborative leader who engages stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with a proven professional success record through 25+ years of experience across the corporate, government and tertiary education sectors. Internationally recognised as a knowledge and capability development thought leader equipped with a diversity of skills and achievements including being the author of two books, a regular international conference speaker, award winning tertiary teacher and a volunteer student mentor and career advisor.

Creator and leader of the Organizational Zoo Ambassador Network, an international association of professionals interested in sharing and innovative application of metaphor based behavioural learning and development to improve personal and team outcomes and build relationships.

Cath Shelley

Founder and Event Manager, Creative Melbourne

Freelance Events and Communications

Cath is confident and adaptable. She brings intelligence, humour and people skills gained over workings through a variety of industries from hospitality to administration and Events Management.

She has a Bachelor Degree in Media and Communications and is expanding the Events division of Intelligent Answers.


Keith De La Rue

Principal Consultant, AcKnowledge Consulting

Leader, educator, speaker, author, influencer, communicator, quizmaster, musician, traveller, explorer and advisor. Previously technician, computer analyst and programmer, manager, project manager, consultant and knowledge manager. Keith has developed a broad range of experience and interests across many industries, and has a passion for sharing knowledge and seeing people learn and grow to become the very best that they can be. He sees creativity as being a critical requirement for knowledge work and business growth in the twenty-first century.

Rebecca Frith

Andy DuLaney Shaw

Jamie Bartie

Vadim Shiryaev

Olga Smirnova

Arina Khramova

Stuart French

Head of Customer Success, My Local Broker

Whether he is helping businesses stay healthy as they grow, teaching people about how to manage complex projects, coaching junior ice hockey or writing his DeltaKnowledge.net blog, Stuart is constantly helping people to find better ways to succeed as teams in high-pressure environments.

With a Masters degree in Knowledge Management, a background in apprenticeship learning methods and collaboration technologies, Stuart uses games and interactive activities to help people find solutions by see old problems in a new light.