The Events that Change our Lives

What was the last life-changing event you experienced?

Was it a forced negative impact that could have been avoided, or a planned positive outcome?  That is, did it “just happen” or did you deliberately create a new idea and then strategically plan to make it happen?

Everything in our lives influences us. Each experience can either reinforce what we already know, to confirm how we interact with the world (very comforting). OR, should we choose to allow, it may change our perceptions and behaviours to slightly grow our comfort zone and provide more magic. Occasionally there is something that changes our lives dramatically. Usually this is an unexpected event and can be something wonderful, like falling in love. Alternatively, something tragic like the death of a loved one. Life-changing events are not often planned or predictable. This is unfortunate, as they can be if you are prepared to challenge yourself and explore the unknown. Even the sound of the previous sentence is enough to scare some people. The idea of seeking unpredictable change is enough to stimulate people to find excuses and withdraw from the “problem” (or should that be the opportunity)?

An old adage categorises people into three types: Those who wonder what happened, those who watch things happen and those who make things happen. The recent event, Creative Melbourne has extended this into a fourth dimension – Those who co-create the future!

Every person gets 24 hours each day to “spend” getting stuff done, or to invest in creating new things that will change our Iife (and possibly the lives of others). It is hard to raise your curiosity, courage and commitment to levels where you actively seek to create something new every day. Not to mention the energy to sustain such a lifestyle. However, this is about choice. Too often we hear “there is not enough time”. In reality this is actually saying, I don’t prioritise well enough to do the best possible things. The world is not about the good or bad things, the right or wrong things. Even if it was, perceptions of what fits into each category are different for different people. The trick is to create trusted relationships with people who want to explore and grow with you. Commit to DO things with them that you don’t know the (specific) outcomes of – until you have done them. Create a mindset of exploring the unknown to create something that does not yet exist, rather than meandering about discovering what already does exist.

At the first Creative Melbourne event in February 2017, everyone was a participant in cycles of interactive exchange. There was not a one way transfer of “what is?” We posed and eagerly facilitated provocative conversations about “what is possible”. The outcome for many is that this is an enjoyable and planned event that changed our lives. It was the birth of a new community of people who have continued to interact and we are already planning what we will explore together next year. Please feel free to join us in this community as we evolve a range of ideas into concepts, then into interactions between people that will change your life as much as it has ours.

We will all be benefit from the growing diversity of people, ideas and experiences.