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All Creative Melbourne’s sessions are facilitated interactive sessions! We are currently locking in the line up for 2018!

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A picture tells a 1000 words… and a cliché is one for a reason!

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Creative Melbourne is selective about Creative Organisations to partner with. We’re looking for Co-Creative Partners!

Creative Melbourne: 18 - 22 February 2018

Creative Melbourne is...

NOT just an Event… "A Conference". Neither is it a seminar, a think-tank, a summit, a masterclass, or a series of workshops. Creative Melbourne is a collaborative group: A Community created through the process of Co-Creation. Creative Melbourne, our Event in which we explore creative techniques to leverage leadership, strategy, knowledge management across disciplines – is the tip of the iceberg. By using a group of participants from Creative Melbourne 2017, from all over the world, we are creating an experience (and our next event) together. Meet our Co-Creative Partners for Creative Melbourne 2018 – the people that will bring Creative Melbourne 2018 together….

We asked 2017 Creative Melbourne Participants: What KEY impression stayed with you?

Be inspired and make international networks

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